Orrange helps any user organize and plan events. It will allow activities from checking people into an event, telling them where to sit, printing tags or diplomas, to sending push notifications to the attending people giving you an immediate communication channel with the audience.

Let Orrange guide you through

What is the name of your event?

When will your event start?

Who are your guests? upload from excel, eventios etc.

How would you like them to be organized round tables, rows or free style?

Is there a list of special people you can’t start your event without?

Who would you like to check in today?

Do you want to print a tag? is this name correct: Peter Smith.

Do you want to print diplomas with the names of every people in the event?

Do you want to send the following message to the audience?



There is one seat left in table number 4
Would you like to move someone here?
Your event is about to start in 5 minutes, table 8 is empty.
Would you like to wait or should we delete this table?

You VIP attendee has already checked in.
I’m about to send this message to all attendees please confirm:
Coffee break will start in 10 minutes, please meet us in the front desk.

Try it now.

It is simple, easy and very fast.

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Simplify your world, Orrange your life.